What Works Wire is a research factory and online marketing team specializing in support for private practice doctors. What Works Wire has a free blog subscription as well as a simple and complimentary 3 step process to get your practice on its way to effective online marketing.
A few minutes of your time is needed to fill out the subscription form for our free What Works articles (no credit card or payment is required). If you do need help with your website, online local directory advertising and social media, we are available to help. Please call (971) 241-8629, and we’ll help you craft the perfect online marketing plan for your practice.
Yes! We love training practice staff! Training your staff to manage online marketing cuts down your cost without limiting your results.
The first thing we always recommend is going through our 3 step introductory process for private practice online marketing. This gives you a chance to taste the possibilities and even put some new online marketing tactics into use.